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If you see anything which makes you feel sure a crime is being committed (or is about to be committed) please dial 999.

If you hear or see something or someone of a suspicious nature during the day call 01732 824011,822816 or your local co-ordinator.


Copies of the local Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter can be found on a table in the Church Porch.

Local Coordinators:

Village/Church Lane
01732 824011/822816

The Street
01732 822478
School Lane
01732 822660
Coldrum Lane
01732 823545
Pilgrims Way & Vigo
01732 822327
Addington Lane
01732 824011
Taylors Lane
Ford Lane
01732 822033
Pinesfield Lane
01732 823025
Green Lane
01732 823189
Wrotham Water Lane
01732 823106


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