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Number Location Description TMBC Decision
TM/17/02251/FL Mayfield
Pinesfield Lane
Proposed replacement dwelling and garage Granted
TM/18/00004/FL 1 Pine Cottages
Church Lane
To remove the small front porch and un-used conservatory to make
way for an enlarged front porch and single storey rear/side
extension with skylights
TM/18/00357/OA The Nursery
Taylors Lane
Erection of a detached bungalow to replace the mobile home Granted on Appeal

2 Taylors Lane Construction of single storey rear extension and pitched roof front porch Granted
TM/18/01278/FL Darrens Meadow
Green Lane
Change of use of land for the keeping of horses for recreational purposes and the erection of a haybarn and a stable building (comprising 4 stables and 1 tack room) Granted
TM/18/01375/FL Streets End
Ford Lane
Proposed new two storey detached dwelling Granted
TM/18/01744/FL Hillside
Pilgrims Way
Demolition of an existing bungalow and replacement with new split level
TM/18/02747/FL White Gables
Church Lane
Demolition of existing garage and construction of part single storey, part
double storey side and rear extension incorporating enlargement of existing side roof dormer
TM/18/02757/FL 1 Central Lodge Gravesend Road First floor side, rear and front single storey extension and conversion of
garage to habitable room and new detached garage
TM/18/02967/FL 5 Taylors Lane Demolition of existing single storey rear addition & replacement with new single storey rear extension Granted
TM/19/00097/FL 3 Central Lodge Conversion of garage to provide bedroom with disabled facilities Granted
TM/19/00511/FL Orchardleigh
Church Lane
2 Storey rear & part side extension with dormer windows 7 Juliet balcony. New windows to front elevation and velux windows Granted
TM/00522/LDE Addington Sandpit
Addington Lane
Lawful Development Certificate Existing: building ancillary to the former use as sandpit and landfill site Pending
TM/19/00901/FL 1 Central Lodge
Gravesend Road
Proposed boundary fence and gates Granted
  Mount Mead Demolition of redundant building and erection of 2 dwellings Granted
TM/19/02379/FL The Grove
Taylors Lane
Construct extension full width of property on rear elevation and small outbuilding in grounds for gym Granted
TM/19/02411/FL Millers Farm Yard
Wrotham Water Lane
Change of use of barn for the stationing of a mobile home for use by farm manager Granted
TM/19/02738/FL Rectory Cottage
Church Lane
Move rear door to adjacent wall, form new window and door to rear elevation Granted
TM/19/02871/LDC Elpatos
Pilgrims way
LDC Proposed: construction of single storey rear extension Certified
TM/19/02982/LDC Prunelle
Church Lane
LDC Proposed: costruction of porous tarmac hardstanding at front of dwelling Certified
TM/19/03005/FL Robin Hill
Pilgrims Way
Erection of wooden clad garden studio Granted
TM/20/00374/TNCA Green Court
3 Taylors Place
Reduce Beech 30% in garden of Longford,
Church Lane
TM/20/00376/FL Little Berries
Taylors Lane
Single Storey rear extension with internal reconfiguration Granted
TM/20/00384/FL Bramble Park
Church Lane
Change of use from residential to school use. Restoration works to existing building, external site works, including works to site access, driveway and parking. Demolition and rebuilding of section of boundary wall. Demolition and replacement of existing tractor shed and associated landscaping works. Application Withdrawn
TM/20/010095/FL 1 Central Lodge
Gravesend Road
Proposed detached garden office and garden store Pending
TM/20/01140/FL The Nursery
Taylors Lane
Plans submitted pursuant to outline planning permission for erection of detached dwelling Granted
TM/20/01276/RM The Nursery
Taylors Lane
Reserved matters (landscaping) re planning permission TM/18/00357/OA for erection of detached dwelling Granted
TM/20/01277/RM The Nursery
Taylors Lane
Details of materials, parking area and ground floor level pursuant to planning permission as above Granted
TM/20/01312/FL Beckets
Pinesfield Lane
Construction of Garden Annexe ancilliary to main dwelling Refused
TM/20/01319/FL The Grove
Taylors Lane
Change the current facade to a white grey render & install additional side door to rear extension Granted
TM/20/01590/FL Elpatos
Pilgrims Way
Proposed single storey walkway connection and conversion of garage to
residential accommodation

TM/20/01629/TNCA The Oast House
Taylors Lane
Mature Yew – T1 - Reduce entire canopy by up to 2.5 metres and carefully
shape all round to suitable growing points and T2 Large Grafted Cherry -
Carefully reduce by up to 2 metres off top of canopy and canopy closest to
the house. Reduce canopy which is spreading towards garage by up to 3
metres only to secondary growth points
TM/20/01531/MIN Addington Quarry Traffic Management Plan pursuant to permission TM/14/4075 Approved
TM20/01688/FL The Plough Inn
Taylors Lane
Convert old barn and carport to village shop and disabled wc Pending
TM/20/01716/TNCA Trottiscliffe CE Primary School Reduce crown of oak tree Granted
TM/20/01764/FL 1 Green Lane Demolition of bungalow and erection 5 bed dwelling Pending
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