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Church of England Primary School

Headteacher: Miss Lucy Henderson
Telephone: 01732 822803

Our aims are:

  • to ensure our children are happy, fulfilled and enthusiastic about learning and to help each individual achieve their maximum potential

  • to build one strong team of pupils, teachers, Governors and parents all committed to this aim

  • to provide a good balanced education, which meets and goes beyond the requirements.

  • to teach the children to be polite, to respect and care for others and ensure they are fully aware of what constitutes good behaviour

  • to build team spirit, confidence and self esteem and teach our children to be gracious in both victory and defeat

  • to help the children develop firm religious and spiritual values, to have an understanding of the Christian Faith and to accept others with different beliefs. We maintain close links with the local Church.


The school is divided into three classes.

The school is adjacent to, and has the use of the village playing field and tennis and netball courts.

The school has a very active parents association, known as Trottiscliffe School Association.

There has been a school in Trottiscliffe since 1719 when it was established to provide teaching and instruction of the poor children of the parish of Trotterscliffe and in particular the principle of Christian religion. In 1891 a certificated teacher was appointed at a salary of £65 per annum with house and fuel provided.

School Website: www.trottiscliffe.kent.sch.uk

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